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XXL Lip Liner – Nude

XXL Lip Liner – Nude


With a creamy, soft formula, this tinted lip liner glides effortlessly on, creating the illusion of fuller, more defined lips. Offering high coverage and excellent colour payoff with long-lasting, waterproof and anti-feathering wear, this formula will stay put. A plumping complex, including Vegetal Filling Spheres and Hyaluronic Acid ensure lips appear smoothed and plumped with long-lasting hydration. All 3 of our lip liners come in neutral shades. Can be sharpened easily with a makeup sharpener.

The Nude XXL Lip Liner is a matte dusty pink shade.

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Dry! 29 06 17
I received this as a present and expected the quality to be far better knowing the brand is expensive. It didn't glide onto my lips, couldn't sharpen or twist up, such a dissapointment and the formula was far too solid and crumbly! What a shame.
Couldn't agree more, actually useless. 17 06 17
As everyone else has stated this product is no use at all. Poor packaging, tip snaps off on first application and there is no ping to the detachable end cover a story can not release any more product.
didn't manage a single use!! 14 06 17
Snapped off as soon as I tried it. Was flaky, dry and didn't glide on at all!! Colour looked good but I wouldn't actually know!! Cant sharpen or twist up. Shocking waste of money....
Love the color, but cannot sharpen to get more product...very frustrating! 13 06 17
Love the color, but cannot sharpen to get more product...very frustrating!
Works but no idea how to get more product 12 06 17
I also received this liner in the May GlossyBox. Unlike the other reviewers though I had no trouble using this. Went on nicely and looked great with my lipstick. The major issue and why I wouldn't buy is the same: no idea on how to get more product! You can't sharpen it, the bottom doesn't twist to bring up the liner and it's quite soft. It crumbled when I applied some pressure so there aren't many uses. Disappointing.
Bad 05 06 17
I received this on my May Glossybox. I was excited to try , I loved the color, but as I tried to apply the tip just broke off. It's is a super dry sticky pencil. I tried putting some chapstick on top of color but it just looked patchy . DON'T RECOMMEND. this is not a "luxury" product.
Nikki W
Really disappointed 26 05 17
I received this in my May Glossybox. It is really dry and does not go one well at all. I've never been so disappointed in a lip liner. I wanted to try other products from Rodial, but now I'm not sure.
Not a good product 18 05 17
If I could give this less than a star I would. Like the other reviewers, the tip broke immediately and I tried to sharpen it, only to have big plastic chunks of the pencil break off, but I wasn't able to get any product up enough to use. I tried twisting the end to no avail. What good is this product if you can't even use it? Rodial, you failed hard on this one. I would not recommend to anyone.
Terrible product 16 05 17
Extremely hard and dry, broke the second I used it and can't figure out how to sharpen, no directions.... Worst lip liner I've ever tried...
Hard, dry and the whole end broke off on first try. 12 05 17
I received this in my May Glossybox and was excited to try it. It's a nice colour, but I have no idea what it looks like because as I tried to apply it, it was very dry and the end just broke off. Thinking maybe just the end dried out and it would be softer and smoother below that but that's another problem. How do I get to more product? I've twisted the end about 50+ times and nothing happened. Am I supposed to sharpen the hard plastic case? There are no instructions. Not on the product, not in the info that comes in the Glossybox and none here on the website.

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