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Cougar Skin

cougar-groupThis month we launched the Cougar Skin range and I couldn’t be more excited.  The Cougar Skin Range consists of three innovative products, The Cougar Skin Gravity Cream, the Gravity Booster and the Gravity Body Serum. The theory behind cougar is that ageing is caused by a drop in hormones. Our oestrogen levels drop dramatically from the age of 35 causing lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. The cougar range contains phytosteroids that trick the skin into thinking that is being injected with oestrogen. As a result the skin is pumped with collagen and becomes firm with a rosy glow. The range is also packed with retinol and vitamin D.

I’ve been using all three and really loving the results. My favourite is the Cougar Skin Zero Gravity Cream, it works to rebalance the skin – it makes me look as if I just had a good nights sleep. Chromabright works to break down age spots and even the skin tone for an even flawless complexion. This cream is ideal for a number of different skin tones to smooth any signs of ageing out, whilst hydrating the skin creating an even flawless finish.

Cougar or not this range is a must, give it try you won’t regret it.

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