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Dragon's Blood Velvet Cream

Dragon's Blood Velvet Cream


A rich, luxuriously textured cream that offers multi-dimensional hydration, leaving skin feeling deeply hydrated and with a protected ‘cushioned’ feel. Though rich in moisture, this feels non-greasy on the skin and is the perfect cream that can be used day or night for treating dehydrated, sensitive and red skin.

With a unique moisture delivery system, this decadent cream gradually ‘drip-feeds’ hydration into the skin throughout the day, helping to keep the complexion smooth, soft and supple over a long period of time with key hydration boosting ingredients hyaluronic acid and carob seed extract and hydromanil ™ for long-lasting moisturisation.

Key benefits:

  • Dragon's Blood: comforts and restores through skin hydration.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: boosts moisture retention in the skin.

  • Vegetal Squalane: helps restore skin suppleness.

  • Hydromanil ™: provides a time release moisture delivery complex.


Very buttery and luxurious cream texture.

Product Size: 50ml

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The most luxurious face cream .. a pot of magic!! 11 08 20
I’m not usually taken in and sold by products but this had me intrigued. I follow Maria the CEO of Rodial on Instagram and watch her daily stories. This is where I first became interested in trying this cream. Maria was doing a tutorial and was showing the cream and I could see exactly how it looked and I knew I would love it.. it was game over for me I was completely sold. I was not disappointed, it’s an absolute dream to apply its so light and luxurious just like it says in the description. It’s super moisturizing and airy, my skin is kept hydrated the whole day. I know packaging shouldn’t matter but I’m going to say on this occasion it does. It’s just beautiful!! A good moisturizer is not that easy to find but I 100% recommended this one. You really do get what you pay for, quality over quantity always!!
Feels buttery soft- delicious! 04 10 18
I love the whole Dragon’s Blood line. This Velvet Cream is perfect for all skin types. It’s great for even the most sensitive skin. This is my go-to for all of my clients. The texture is so lovely and the formula is so hydrating. This moisturiser tones the skin, leaving it soft and supple. It’s great for sensitive skin as it tones down redness. I use it morning and night. Love it!
Just perfect 19 05 17
I am obsessed with the texture of this cream, it goes on velvety soft and feels light but deeply moisturisers the skin. I use it under makeup as a primer/base and it holds my make up so well - I am an addict!
Super moisturising cream with rich texture but lightweight afterfeel! 19 05 17
I love this product as the formula is so rich and creamy yet completely melts on skin, leaving it feeling super moisturised with no greasy residue! I usually use it a night but also use as quick fix when my skin feels dry or sensitised. My face got a bit burned after a ski holiday, I applied a thick layer of Velvet Cream and it has completely revived my skin! Would totally recommend as the smell is also lovely
Lovely buttery texture but lightweight and hydrating finish 19 05 17
I'm not usually a huge fan of thick creams as I find them too heavy on the skin but this cream has a really lovely thick, buttery texture but when it goes onto the skin it simply sinks in and leaves it feeling really hydrated and protected. Instant feeling of moisture and your skin feels so smooth and soft after!

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