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Bio-Cellulose may not sound very exciting... but once you find out what it means for you and your skin, you will be making it your phrase of the week, or the month...

Pink Diamond Mask

These masks began their journey as medical treatments before the beauty world claimed them. This makes them more special than your average paper mask due to them acting as a dressing on the skin and being the most hydrating and mess free type of mask available...and as all us beauty junkies know, ease of application is just as important as what you are putting on your face.

So I hear you asking why are they absolute game changers in the world of modern cosmetics? Made out of all-natural material, these masks adhere closely to the skin so won’t slip off or move like other masks, so you can even go about your everyday business whilst carrying out your mask treatment. With the material able to hold a huge amount of moisture as well, they provide deep hydration to the skin whilst allowing for deeper penetration of active ingredients over regular masks, improving overall efficacy.
Sound good to you? It gets even better. We don’t just offer the one bio-cellulose mask – we have three – you can never have too much of a good thing right?
Here are the three magic masks:


The Pink Diamond which is infused with pink grapefruit, diamond powder and skin-tightening peptides, lifts, brightens and tightens.

Ellie G Image

The Dragon’s Blood eye Masks (Yes, this is the one Ellie Goulding took a selfie wearing and which she absolutely swears by!) are intensely hydrating and moisturise the delicate eye area with our unique dragon's blood complex and have an immediate de-puff effect. They’re an absolute saviour when you need a bit of a face pick me up.


And last but not least our Snake Neck Mask uses innovative syn®-ake dipeptide to tighten, lift, tone, hydrate and smooth the neck area. Best to nip the turkey neck in the bud before it’s too late!
So which mask are you going to go for?

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