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Perfect Lightweight Summer Coverage

If you feel naked without foundation and makeup on – you’re not alone. You might, however, dread wearing heavy, full coverage during hot summer days in fear of it melting away within a few hours. Also let's face it, we all like to pretend that our skin naturally looks that flawless and don't want to look too caked on! That's where a lightweight tinted moisturiser and the right skincare routine can come in to be the saviour for daily oily/ combination skin management on humid, hot summer days.

The key to long-wearing makeup and reduction in sebum production which equates to oily skin, is well-hydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is more prone to damage and can actually stimulate excess sebum production to try and re-balance oil levels so if you keep it hydrated, it won’t feel the need to produce oils to act as a moisture replacement and protection.

Cleanse your face in the morning and don’t skip your skincare routine before putting makeup on. A serum like Dragon’s Blood XXL Advanced Sculpting Serum with hyaluronic acid will deeply hydrate the skin, before a daily moisturiser.

Dragon's Blood XXL Advanced Serum

Use our NEW Stem Cell Magic Gel to seal the power of a serum to reveal a glowing and healthy-looking complexion. Let’s be frank here – some of us really appreciate short cuts when getting ready in the morning so let us tell you a little secret. The Magic Gel can also be used as a primer under your foundation! Extra few minutes spent snoozing right there.

Your skin is now ready for some coverage. Our Skin Tint + SPF20 are perfect for summer. Lightweight, tinted moisturisers they work to brighten and enhance skin tone and act as a flawless second skin. Containing amino-peptides to tackle signs of ageing with the added benefit of SPF20 to prevent further damage from the sun, these are an absolute summer essential for the day.

Not sure what shade is for you? Watch out skin tint+ swatch below with handy tips on how to find your perfect skin tint+ match.


If you’re fan of a more dewy finish, a few spritz of our best-selling Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic over your face for an instant cooling and skin-plumping effect. Tip: keep the mini version of the toner found in Dragon’s Blood Kit in your handbag for emergencies.

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