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Why Are Our Super Acids so Super?

Everyone has their super hero. Comic book community have Superman (or Batman - but this is not the time to argue who the ultimate hero is), Kardashians have Kim and we have Super Acids. Let’s clear it out once and for all why acids can be beneficial in your skincare.

“Aren’t acids bad for you”, we hear you asking. The answer is not simple. There are many types of acids but the word has a negative connotation in the society. When we hear “acid” we think of a chemistry class we used to attend (too many years ago…) and our teacher wearing a war-like outfit to protect themselves from all kinds of catastrophes whilst demonstrating the destructive powers of sulphuric acid.

Leaving that picture aside, let’s focus on acids used in beauty products, in particular skincare.

To keep skin radiant, we have to keep it clean and smooth which can be achieved by exfoliation. Using a mechanical scrub (a fancy name for a scrub product consisting either sugar, salt or other hard particles) can be harsh on skin, especially if you suffer from sensitivity. The reason behind it is that the exfoliating particles are too large or sharp and cause skin breakage which is not exactly the goal we try to achieve here. If your skin is tougher (usually oily skin and men's skin) however, you should be absolutely fine with harsher scrubs.

Mechanical scrubs can also be inconsistent and work on patches of skin whilst it would be ideal to end up with the most even exfoliation as possible (for that baby-soft skin, you know what I mean?).

Having all this negativity out, let us introduce you to the best form of exfoliation, and we mean it.

Our Super Acids range has been formulated with a cocktail of acids to resurface skin and transform the texture and reduce the appearance of blemishes. The great thing about the use of these acids is that they gently work to exfoliate the skin and won’t tear away at it as harshly as a mechanical scrub and will provide a more even exfoliation experience. Our SUPER ACIDS range has also the added benefit of probiotic technology to soothe and protect skin post exfoliation which is particularly handy for those with more sensitive skin types.


The main acids in our range are:

Azelaic Acid – If you suffer from post-acne scars, you might want to grab a pen (or your phone) and write down this name. It works as an antibacterial agent which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fatty acids involved in the development of blemishes whilst gradually brightening the skin.

Pronalen Fruit Acid – evenly exfoliates by eliminating dead skin cells and strongly pigmented skin cells which also encourage cell renewal. By revealing the fresh skin, it makes your skin look revived and fresh with fine lines and wrinkles reduced.

Lactic Acid (yes, the same one that makes your muscles sore after squats) and glycolic acid – work to smoothen and firm up the skin as the cells are stimulated to regenerate in the upper levels of skin.

Suddenly, acids are not so scary anymore and our mission is accomplished.

To discover our Super Acids range click here and if you’re still unsure if you would like the product, how about a free 7-day trial of our Super Acids Sleep Serum worth £18?

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