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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Its official, Tuesday 8th March has been declared as International Women’s Day, the subject of this year’s Day is "Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality" – so get your marching boots ready ladies, or your Louboutin Fifi Patent’s if you prefer....

Happy Womens Day

The story begins in New York in 1909 when the first Women’s Day gathering took place. Ever since then the movement has grown so much that it is considered a national holiday in countries such as Afghanistan, China and Russia; proving that when us girls put our minds to something we can really make things happen! So don’t mess with us as we are very smart creatures...and we can hold grudges so strongly that they will burn calories faster than your Monday morning Kobox class...

Regardless of background, it seems each generation has been lucky enough to have a powerful woman to look up to. Influential women from all walks of life such as Margaret Thatcher, Virginia Woolf, Anna Wintour and Beyonce all offer diverse examples of what it means to be an independent woman. From the glossy issues of Wintour’s Vogue, to the pages of Woolf’s intense Modernist literature and the controversial politics of Thatcher; Beyonce’s girlpower ballads may seem irrelevant in comparison, but all of these women have been able to inspire generations of women in different ways... so do keep up ladies as things move fast! In other words - sisters have been doing it for themselves for quite some time now and we are showing no signs of stopping. So join in this International Women’s Day and celebrate.


We’re going to be cheering for our very own founder Maria Hatzistefanis, who aims to inspire and educate women and budding entrepreneurs. She’s taken it one step further again, with Maria recently partnering with telecoms giant O2 UK on their O2 Business UK project to give advice on growing a company and supporting their #BusinessEssentials tariff. You can find out more about Maria’s latest partnership on her blog post here

Lookout world, we are coming for you!



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