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We are definitely huge supporters of pampering and relaxation, with our menu of intensive yet mess free bio-cellulose masks it would be difficult to refuse a #Rodialpampernight! Just call us your very own beauty enablers...

Pink Diamond Mask

Whether you like to do your pampering on a Sunday afternoon, invite your girlfriends around for a bit of weekday fun or have a night in alone in front of a good box set with a big glass of red, we want to hear about it and see how you do your #Rodialpampernight!

Multitasking with your skincare routine - also known as ‘multimasking’ - has fast become a hot beauty trend. Not only is it super fun to Instagram and Snapchat your friends pictures of you covered in a multitude of masks are actually giving your skin the best treatment as you are targeting each area of the skin with a different treatment, and everyone knows that the more specific you are with your skincare, the more effective results you will get.


Struggling to get used to taking a selfie with your entire face covered in masks? Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Make sure your masks are applied neatly, just think of your face as a canvas you want to beautifully decorate!

2. Ensure your angle is most flattering and gets in the whole face and a good view of all your masks! Placing your face in the top-right or top-left corner of the frame can be far more compelling than if you placed your face right in the centre.

3. Get creative with your pose – you can do the wide eyed stare straight down the camera lense if you wish, you could pull a cheeky tongue!

4. Make sure your background isn’t distracting – pose in an area that has great natural light, such as a window.

Show us how you do your #Rodialpampernight, Ellie Goulding loves to take a selfie wearing our Dragon's Blood Eye Masks! Join in on the celeb trend!

Ellie G Image

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