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Ellie Goulding’s Rodial Favourites…

It’s no surprise that Rodial is the skincare secret to many A-listers, with songstress and beauty, Ellie Goulding, often sharing her love of Rodial on her social media accounts.

We’ve rounded up a few of her favourites so you can discover how Ellie achieves her flawless complexion…

Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel

For someone who is always on the go like Ellie, the Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel instantly awakens tired eyes with its cooling properties that refreshes and hydrates puffy under eyes. This eye gel works by thickening the translucent skin underneath the eyes, making under eye wrinkles appear reduced. It also brightens dark under eyes and reduces puffiness.


Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks

These are perfect if you are in need of an instant de-puff effect. Applied directly under the eye, these masks intensely hydrate and moisturise the delicate eye area for immediately lifted, firmer and smoother skin.

ellie g rodial

Super Acids Sleep Serum

Ellie is right to love this product – it is definitely named super for a reason! Working to perfect your skin as you sleep, this high-performance serum gently resurfaces your skin cells to diminish the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged pores and scarring. With the unique addition of probiotics, the Super Acids Sleep Serum strengthens the immune system of the skin cells for added protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria and banish blemishes, as well as hydrating and boosting radiance. Over time, skin will appear brighter and clearer with a healthy glow. Uneven skin tone will be refined and perfected and fine lines, reduced.

Bee Venom 24 Carat Gold Body Soufflé

Ellie shared her #shelfie with the Sunday Times Style and detailed our Bee Venom 24 Carat Body Soufflé as a must have in her bathroom cabinet for keeping her skin glowing. The delicately whipped soufflé concentrate contains pure liquid gold, perfect for any pop princess or someone wanting to indulge their skin in luxurious moisture. The double-strength bee venom combines with hyaluronic acid to help plump and firm appearance of the skin whilst the body is left instantly soft to the touch with the moisturising power of shea butter. The addition of liquid gold exudes golden luminosity on the skin in this decadent body care product.

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