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Bee Venom Micro-sting Patches Individual Sachet

Bee Venom Micro-sting Patches Individual Sachet


Our bee venom micro-sting patches are instant-fix targeted treatments which provide an immediate visible difference by plumping and smoothing the skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Each patch is made from pure Hyaluronic Acid and Bee Venom and is designed with 350 micro ‘cones’; to more effectively deliver this potent combination of ingredients.

Inspired by the Mesotherapy trend where hyaluronic acid and vitamins are injected into the skin to provide a more instant and effective result, our bee venom micro-sting patches provide a similar anti-wrinkle instant result with the hyaluronic acid locking in moisture to provide a plumper, smoother effect and bee venom stimulating collagen to rebuild and restructure the skin over time. These are ideal targeted treatments for smile lines, crow's feet and frown lines.

Due to the micro-cone structure please note that you may experience a slight tingling sensation upon initial application.

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Extra! 11 04 19
I use them before an important issue. They always work, wrinkles are smoothed and less visible.They adhere well and are comfortable to use. Effective, sensational, irreplaceable. I recommend to everyone and I buy my friends as a gift.They are simply the best!
Impressive results!! 13 02 19
First off, I want to point out that the directions for use did not correspond to what the actual package (that I received) states. The online descriptions says to leave on 2-3 hours (ideally 3 hours, so that is what I did).The directions on the package however, stated to leave them on for 30mins-1hour. I’m unable to speak on how long the readings last, but when I figure out when that is, I’ll update. So far I’m thoroughly impressed. Not regretting any of my Rodial purchases at this time :)

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