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Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser SPF15

Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser SPF15


Replenish, hydrate and protect your skin with this lightweight daily moisturiser, boosted with skin-nourishing extracts to plump and firm dehydrated skin with SPF15 protection. Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide work in synergy to provide long lasting moisture and even skin tone. Dragons Blood and Squalane work to condition and soothe the complexion. The SPF15 moisturiser is an ideal addition to your daily skincare routine.

Key benefits:

  • Dragon's blood helps to comfort and restores through skin hydration

  • hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture levels in the skin, leaving the complexion looking hydrated and healthy

  • Chromabright™ molecules help to illuminate and even the skin tone

  • Squalane is known to condition and sooth the skin

  • Niacinamide helps to improves all aspects of skin health and retains moisture levels in the skin, plumping the complexion

  • Hydromanil, is known to firm and refine skin texture while improving dry, dehydrated skin

  • Rose water is known for its ability to balance natural oils and reduce the appearance of temporary redness


A lightweight, yet creamy and nourishing lotion.


*Cannot be shipped to Canada

Product Size: 50ml

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Great 25 08 19
I have acne and haven’t been able to find a moisturiser that doesn’t make my skin flare up until I found this one. I was given a tester and fell in love and despite having to save up as I am a student I can justify the money as my skin is softer straight away and the redness from my acne is going down. Fantastic!
Thank you! 14 05 19
Thank you so much for changing the packaging of this moisturiser! I wasn't a fan of the pump so much prefer the tube which is also less bulky so perfect for travelling too. It's really hydrating and great before applying makeup. Can't live without it now!
Excellent day moisturiser 12 12 18
I love this moisturiser and have used it for a couple years however in the last year there was some serious issues with the pump. Going by the new photo i am glad to see after months and months of complaints (you can see from the reviews) they have listened and its now in a tube. Lightweight, easily absorbed into the skin and a nice base for makeup. If you have dry skin you will definitely need a serum or something a little extra with this one though but used with the nightcream in the evening they make the perfect pair.
My favourite moisturiser! 28 03 18
A lovely, lightweight moisturiser that also doubles up as a primer – win-win! I have sensitive skin so I wasn’t sure how my skin would react, however it makes my face plump and glowing.
Packaging not good 24 10 17
The pump is still a problem with this wonderful product told in space UK that this had been addressed it hasn't please please sort out
Great moisturiser if you can get it out of the tube 09 10 17
The pump on this tube is at the top of the tube inside, with no straw that reaches down to the bottom, To get the pump to work you have to store the tube upside down, but even then most of the product gets left inside the packaging as its such a narrow entry to it and you can't force it to the end as its not loose enough. For £60 you think you'd get packaging that worked. Rodial please address this. Either that or I might give the velvet cream a go as its just in a jar!
Love the product hate the packaging 08 07 17
Possibly the best moisturiser I have ever used, but I won't be able to buy it again until the packaging has been changed. I only used it a few times before the pump broke. I am so terribly disappointed. Please take all the feedback that has been left on this page and alter the bottle.
Bad packaging 04 06 17
I recently bought 2 if this item most of it got thrown as u couldn't get the product out of the bottle! Very disappointing !! Shame as I love the cream !
Lovely product, bottle terrible! 11 05 17
I really like this product but after taking the bottle apart I finally got it to work. Seems a shame that such a terrible design with the bottle could put you off such a great product. Worth a review of the packaging if not doing so already. I do love the pump bottle, but this just doesn't seem to work consistently.
Brilliant contents - useless bottle 24 03 17
I have bought this twice and both times the dispenser failed to work. The first time I emailed Rodial to ask if it was a one off fault but was told I maybe wasn't pumping it right. The second time the bottle also failed to work so ended up having to get the contents out with a cotton bud meaning that most of the product went in the bin. Such a shame as the actual protect is brilliant. I have moved to the Stemcell Magic gel instead.
Pump not working 20 03 17
Same as other reviewers, the packaging has to change. I have been using this moisturizer for 5-6 years now, and my last 3 bottles have been a nightmare. The pump is really not working. This was never an issue with the first bottles of some years ago. Please bing back the previous packaging, or change to a tube. Cream itself is absolutely great.
Gorgeous day cream, dreadful packaging 03 01 17
I love love love this moisturiser. Sadly after 3 purchases I won't be buying it again unless Rodial address the packaging issue (which seems to have been brought up by almost every other reviewer). The first purchase worked fine, but the pump in numbers 2 & 3 simply didn't work, so I resorted to fishing the cream out with a cotton bud - frustrating beyond belief! A simple squeezey tube (like the skin tint one?) would work just fine... Please Rodial, sort this out because I love the product and would hate to have to live without it!
Amazing product but can't get it out of the bottle! 21 11 16
This is the best product in terms of hydration and anti-aging I have ever bought. I love the fact it is not in a tub because I don't like dipping my fingers in the product. I have been buying this for two years but have had a few bottles where I have been unable to get the product out because the pump doesn't work. Shame it didn't come in a squeezable bottle.
Love the moisturiser but awful pump! 20 11 16
I love this moisturiser! It has taken me years to find a moisturiser that my skin loves But as other reviewers have said the pump is an absolute nightmare! Mine broke after two weeks! Don't think I will repurchase until this issue is resolved :(
Beautiful cream but impossible to get out of bottle 26 10 16
After being given a sample of a Rodial cream in John Lewis I decided to make a purchase and chose this moisturiser. For the first day the pump worked but from that day I have really struggled with it. I've been back to John Lewis to ask if they have had any returned but the assistant suggested I just bang it on the table to clear the pump. That doesn't work, it's so frustrating when you are trying to get ready for work. The worst part is that it is such a lovely cream, I'm so disappointed and wouldn't dare purchase another unless the issue is resolved as it's an expensive mistake to have made.
Love the product, awful bottle 18 10 2016 18 10 16
I have a problem with redness and I find the Rodial Dragon's Blood products really help. HOWEVER, every morning I end up annoyed because I cannot get it out of the bottle. The pump is USELESS. I think for £50 you should be able to use the product. I would not buy this product again unless the bottle was changed.
Nic T
Love the product, HATE the bottle! 18 09 16
Such a shame that such a great product isn't housed in a bottle that is more accessible. I am on my second bottle after hoping that the issue with the first pump was a one off but sadly not. Within the first few days of using it the pump stopped working. It's really frustrating and for a pricey product, I really expect more. The moisturiser is fantastic but sadly I doubt I'll be purchasing again due to this fundamental issue. It is just not good enough. I would add that I've also had the same issue with the dragons blood sculpting gel which is equally disappointing.
Great 13 08 16
Great product! Been using it for a while now, But I agree the pump can be difficult to use.
really good but shame about the pump 02 08 16
I love this moisturiser and have had it twice now- makes my skin look great. My first bottle had no issues but the pump on the second one stopped working after about a week and it's a nightmare to get it out of the tube every day. Please can you make in a tub as the price is too much to justify another bottle until this issue is solved.
Jess T
Love the moisturiser, terrible bottle!! 23 05 16
I absolutely love this moisturiser and as I am a student I had to save up for it for a while! Unfortunately I can only enjoy this gorgeous product when it comes out of the pump. Everyday for the past two weeks I have spent ten minutes of my morning trying to get it out with no luck, sometimes I have to use other products instead, how thoroughly disappointing.
Ms 20 09 15
I have been using this product for the last 6 weeks. I have been using moisturisers from a high end brand for the last 12 years. This product is just amazing. I apply in the morning and it keeps my skin hydrated and bright for 9 hours straight. it also smells great. Definitely will be using again. Thank you Maria
clear skin 15 04 15
Lovely product, keeps my skin clear.

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