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Bee Venom Collection 2020

Bee Venom Collection 2020

Worth £370.00

Discover the cult-favourites from Rodial’s iconic Bee Venom Collection with this exclusive gift set. Featuring a cleansing balm, eye cream and moisturiser, this collection is enriched with a unique blend of Bee Venom, Stem Cells and Peptide Technology to firm and revitalise the complexion

This collection contains:

  • Bee Venom Cleansing Balm (100ml): This luxurious balm cleanser is enriched with powerful natural oils and vitamins to break down impurities while softening and brightening the skin. The transforming balm texture gently cleanses skin, melting away make-up and daily dirt before rinsing as a fresh, milky toner.

  • Bee Venom Eye (25ml): An extreme performance eye cream to smooth out under eye wrinkles, brighten dark circles and firm the skin. Bee Venom works in synergy with Stem Cell technology to visibly improve skin tone and elasticity for a brighter, smoother under eye area.

  • Bee Venom Moisturiser (50ml): The revolutionary Bee Venom Moisturiser is an advanced formula that revitalises and renews for naturally younger looking skin. Working in synergy with complex plant extracts to visibly improve skin tone and elasticity, bee venom helps to smooth and plump out fine lines and wrinkles by controlling muscle contractions in the face and helps increase blood circulation in treated areas.

Worth £370.00
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