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Lash & Brow Booster

Lash & Brow Booster


Ditch the eyelash extensions and opt for this high performance eyelash and eyebrow growth serum, to flutter naturally enhanced lashes. Containing vitamin B5 and lash growth complex to stimulate keratin genes and encourage hair growth. Eyelashes will look more voluminous and glossy.

Product Size: 7ml

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Thick brows in 2 weeks! 24 08 20
I am so impressed with this product! I saw several thicker brow hairs within a few days and within two weeks evenly thick brows - I am thrilled! They look very natural and the product is a nice consistency. I have used it less on my lashes (as I bought it for my brows mainly) and find that I prefer putting it on them in the day, as at night time I sometimes rub my eyes which messes up the product! But my lashes have definitely got longer too. Worth every penny!
MIRACLE worker! 21 04 20
I've used so many brow growth products and nothing has thickened my brows like this! I've always wanted fuller brows and I finally have them!
sally Ryan
cured my short lashes 16 04 20
I needed to take a break from lash extensions and had a friend recommend this. I love that it is more natural then most lash serums, and within a few weeks my eyelashes were SO long!!! I use it morning and night.

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