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Dragon's Blood Eye Masks

Dragon's Blood Eye Masks


These innovative gel eye masks combine expertise in bio-cellulose technology (acts like a second skin) with our unique dragon's blood complex to intensely hydrate and moisturise the delicate eye area with an immediate de-puff effect. With a cooling effect, skin under the eyes is left feeling comforted and refreshed whilst arnica extract helps reduce appearance of baggy eyes and puffiness for an instantly brighter eyed appearance. This is a great gel eye mask treatment for prepping the under eye area before a big event.

Key benefits:

    • Dragon's Blood (from the Croton Lechleri tree): Lifts, firms and smooths skin while reducing redness and inflammation.

    • Hyaluronic Acid: Provides longlasting hydration, while plumping the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    • Arnica Extract: Reduces under-eye puffiness and dark circles. 

    • Bio-cellulose: Deeply hydrating.


Thin 'second skin' bio-cellulose gel which feels instantly cooling and refreshing on application.

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My favorite travel companion 23 04 20
I love these eye masks! They are the best on the market. So cooling and really help with my puffiness!
Used to be a good product 07 05 18
But Rodial changed the thickness of the mask resulting in a very think eye mask that doesn’t absorb enough product and wrinkles very quickly which really makes it difficult to properly apply under the eyes very disappointing even more so paying this price.
not what it used to be 08 12 17
This was my go to product when it came to real results in treating eye pufiness and it is a real shame that unfortunately it is not what it used to be any more. The two bio-cellulose eye masks used to be quite thick and very easy to apply. In the last year Rodial has made those mask sheets so thin that as soon as they are removed from their packaging they shrink and wrinkle so quickly it makes them completely unmanageable to apply. Furthermore, even when I do manage to apply them the effect is not the same it used to be and I suspect the very thin consistency doesn't allow them to absorb the serum liquid in the sachet. I bought a package from Space NK and had to write to Rodial as I was very surprised about how thin the masks looked, Rodial sent me a replacement package but unfortunately this is a permanent shame. At almost £5 an application this is an expensive product to spoil like this and I won't be buying again.
Wanda Siragusa
100% recommend these eye mask 09 10 17
I'm so in love with this product, because it's my 3rd time using these masks and can see amazing results, definitely the best eye mask.
Best eye product 19 05 17
Love it!
No more crows feet! 19 05 17
I can't rave enough about these eye masks! I am in my 40s and have a bit of dehydration and fine lines around my eyes and these mask are the REAL DEAL! I use them when I travel, i put them on and leave them until all the product is absorbed and they feel like paper. With all the masks I use I never follow the recommended time as it's my view that the longer I leave these on, the better the results. It usually takes 45 minutes for these to be fully absorbed and the mask to go dry and my eyes are totally transformed. Lines are gone and the skin feels smooth and plumped and this last for at least a day. Nightly recommended, it's a staple in my beauty routine.
Dismayed 23 12 16
I'm disappointed in this product to the point that I wonder if I'm somehow using it wrong. I feel like these eye masks dry rather quickly on my face compared to other sheet masks I've used - lasting 15 minutes, max. Any crease in the mask itself from me applying it to my eye area gets transmitted to my skin. The masks are so thin (though they don't feel terribly fragile while I'm handling them) it's almost impossible to apply and not create such creases. I've never had this experience before. I like the serum, but not the mask. So far, the only thing remotely workable is to keep digging out serum from the packet the masks come in, and trying to re-saturate the eye masks as I'm wearing them, which undermines the "mask time=relaxation time" effect I look for.
Amazing product 04 12 16
Picked these up in M&S I have seriously puffy, baggy undereye area was willing to give anything a go. First time I used this product the effect was instant. eye area was instantly tighter and much less puffy, after I've used the mask I then use the remainder from the pack under my eyes for the next few days. Will always have these in my beauty regime from now on.

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