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Skin Tint + SPF 20

Skin Tint + SPF 20


A medium coverage tinted moisturiser with amino-peptides to brighten and enhance skin tone. With a new and improved formula, the skin tint+ contains a unique blend of amino-peptides which target multiple signs of aging. Blending seamlessly, the hydra-fluid texture feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin whilst providing buildable coverage and a natural radiant finish with long-wearing hold. Perfect for all season coverage, this product is suitable for all skin types and acts as a flawless second skin.

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Colour that sinks into the skin 30 11 20
I'm almost peaches and cream skin so I wasn't sure if getting the Skin Tint in Hamptons would be too dark. I tried a sample and, although it looks dark when it find hits your skin, it simply melts and blends so perfectly that it looked like I'd been colour-matched. It sinks in to give some warmth to my face (especially in the winter). The coverage is medium but in such a natural way that it looks as though your skin just has a natural, healthy glow.
Caroline M
Best natural skin tint 02 08 20
I have been using this product for a number of years and it is the best skin tint and very natural. My skin feels hydrated and looks amazing with this on
Amazing coverage tint with a glow! 06 06 20
I received the skin tint as a sample when I ordered the Lorna luxe kit, I was obsessed. It provides lovely coverage without looking like you’re wearing lots of makeup! The finish is beautiful I love how it contains amino peptides to enhance and brighten skin tone and it’s got spf! If you’re looking for a light option to a foundation with still some coverage, this is the one for you! Please try even if you sample! This product deserves lots of lovely reviews
Best natural makeup 20 04 20
I switched from my Laura Mercier and I’m in love with this makeup. It’s sheer but I can build it. It has a Pearl so my skin is glows. Love love love
best year round natural coverage foundation! 20 04 20
I don't like anything too heavy, but I also want to have some coverage. This is my go to for the past 6 years. You can definitely wear it alone, but I usually apply it after my Rodial skincare.
Уникальный облачный трекер и TDS. 19 04 20
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Laura M
Natural coverage, very hydrating 21 08 18
I love this foundation as it's light/medium coverage with a natural glow finish, smooth texture and it's super hydrating.
Perfect coverage 04 08 18
You wouldn't believe this is just a tinted moisturizer it covers all my blemishes and tired eyes perfectly! It also lasts all day! There is nothing worse than a foundation that goes patchy during the day but this literally holds its place and as it's a moisturizer keeps my sensitive skin hydrated.
Perfect for everyday use 01 08 18
Love love love this tinted moisturiser, I've given up on my foundation and wear this everyday as it feels so lightweight in comparison. The colour is a perfect match for my pale skin. What I love is that it evens up my skin tone and covers enough, but still allows some freckles through which makes it look perfectly natural. I sometimes get dry skin around my forehead but don't with this moisturiser.
Perfect Skin Tint 04 06 18
I love everything about this product. It lasts forever and makes you look flawless.
Perfect base 27 03 18
This is a holy grail product for me: a skin tint which feels like you have nothing on your skin and yet blurs any imperfections. The consistency is just right and is so easy to blend. The colour is also perfect for my medium/tan complexion. For reference, I am 'Golden Tan' in hourglass vanish, a little lighter than 'Syracuse' in NARS and around a NC40/42 in MAC. I also have the shade St Barts to mix in the winter months. This product also mixes so well with oils and other make up products. I love the Rodial line: a 'capsule' approach to make up but everything I have tried so far has been divine. Considering throwing out the rest of my make up to streamline to just the basics.
Greasy 08 05 17
I've always been trying to use this, but it never works. I've tried prepared my skin in various ways yet unfortunately the product is not for me.
Amazing 09 01 16
This tinted moisturiser is the only one I've ever used and it is SO good. It has a really lightweight consistency and barely feels like there is anything on your skin. There is good medium coverage which is perfect for me because I don't like it to seem I have a lot of product on my face.

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