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Can Oils Really Help my Oily Skin?

For those with oily skin, adding extra oil to it might sound like the last thing you’d want to do – but we’re here to tell you why that’s not the case. Adding oils to oily skin can actually be extremely beneficial and here’s why…

Why do oils work for all skin types?

Most people assume oils are just for dry or mature skin, but that is incorrect! Not all facial oils are the same – many now (including ours!) have very fine, light textures which means they’re perfect for oily/combination skin types as well.

Why do we need to use facial oils?

Oily skin occurs when we use harsh cleansers that dry out the skin; this causes the complexion to panic, which then overproduces oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. By using oils, the skin cells are provided with the ideal level of hydration so the skin naturally rebalances, then your skin will appear perfectly hydrated without that dreaded shine!

What are oils?

Most oils are known as ‘lipophilic’, which means they can penetrate further into the skin layers, locking water and moisture in whilst getting rid of the toxins. This means oils are particularly good for city-dwellers who worry about the effects of pollution and free radicals on their skin.

Which oils should I use?

For oily skin: our iconic stem cell booster oil contains Rosehip Oil which is rich in a fatty acid called Linoleic Acid. This helps to rebalance the skin and clear breakouts.

For open pores: our bestselling bee venom cleansing balm contains Jojoba Oil which draws out impurities, shrinks pores, and reduces oil production.

For blemishes and scarring: our snake booster oil and stem cell booster oil contain Babassu Oil which is rich in an ingredient called Lauric Acid. This is known to have antibacterial and healing benefits, which helps to banish blemishes and fade scarring.

When should I apply an oil?

We recommend applying your oil onto cleansed skin, after you’ve applied any serums but before you apply your daily moisturizer. This allows for the oil to sink further into the skin so it can enjoy the maximum benefits. You can do this either in the evening or in the morning. Always allow for around 30 seconds between applications of different products.

Feeling convinced yet that an oil might be for you?

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