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Binge-Masking – An Exclusive Masterclass at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

For many of us, January is the month of new resolutions and cutting back on excess post-festive season indulgence. However, we’ve found something that we can absolutely binge on and not feel guilty about! Banishing the mantra that less is more is the new trend hitting the 2017 beauty scene - binge-masking. Essentially binge-masking is all about applying one mask after another to provide multiple benefits and treat different concerns. This beauty hack leads to instant gratification - something that everyone is desperate for in their skin care regime. With many of us having different areas of concern on the face, whether it be both dry and sensitive skin with pigmentation through to dry cheeks and oily t-zones, binge masking allows you to treat all your various skin concerns in just the one treatment process. Now that’s efficient use of time!

We have various masks that can be combined to give flawless results for any skin problems you may be having. To help you have a masking binge here are some masking combinations we’ve come up with:


Step1: Super Acid Rush Peel

Step2: Snake Mask

Step3: Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask


Step1: Super Acids Rush Peel

Step2: Pink Diamond Lifting Mask + Dragon's Blood Eye Mask + Snake Neck Mask

Step3: Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask

It’s like a skincare pick and mix and we certainly like the sound of that!

Now you may be thinking why mask at all? Is it just another fussy step within your regime? We say it’s always crucial to take the time during the week to take care of your skin with masks. Deep-cleansing and exfoliating masks are particularly important as they ensure your other skincare products work more efficiently and effectively. This said, we know it’s tricky to find the time to use face masks so it’s a relief to know that successful binge masking only needs to happen once a week!

Want to know more about binge-masking? Just head to the Beauty Lounge in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge on Wednesday 25th - 27th January between 8am-10pm to discover more in our exclusive masterclass. Location details below!

Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge

109 – 125 Knightsbridge



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