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A is for Azelaic Acid

The skincare buzzword for 2017 – Azelaic Acid. Despite its catalogue of skincare benefits, it has gone widely unnoticed. We’ve been using the skincare powerhouse in our SUPER ACIDS range for years, so here’s exactly what it is and why you should be using it…

What is Azelaic acid?

The word acid may sound slightly scary, but azelaic acid is actually derived from grains, including wheat and barley.

Why is it good for your skin?

Azelaic acid has incredible anti-inflammatory powers and is known to help acne-prone skin. Its anti-bacterial qualities help prevent blocked pores and kill any bacteria to reduce blackheads or whiteheads. It also helps pigmentation by inhibiting the skin’s excess production of melanin.

Combining this powerhouse ingredient with our unique probiotic technology to protect the skin, discover our key SUPER ACIDS range treats.

Super ACIDS rush peel:

Our ultimate resurfacing face peel completely rejuvenates the look of skin, leaving the complexion fresh, even and more luminous. Along with azelaic acid, glycolic and lactic acids effectively exfoliate and retexture, revealing a new layer of skin with the appearance of imperfections and fine lines and wrinkles reduced. This is the perfect revitalising skin treatment before a big event to ensure your complexion looks at its best.

Super ACIDS sleep serum:

A pore refining, brightening and hydrating daily serum with gentle exfoliating action to help even skin tone and purify skin to unclog and refine pores. The silicone-free formula blends skin purifying azelaic and lactic acids with non-abrasive exfoliators to deep cleanse and refine appearance of pores and reduces the appearance of pigmentation and blemishes.

Skin tone, texture and oil production will be vastly improved with regular use that can help to reduce and control acne.

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