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Why You Need A Facial Serum In Your Life

If you’ve ever questioned why you need a serum in your life, what the benefits are or how it differs from a normal moisturiser then we have the answers for you. It is incredibly important that we understand what we are putting on our face and how it works, to ensure we are providing the best for our skin.

A facial serum is unique to your other skincare products because they penetrate deeper than a moisturiser due to them having smaller molecules. This makes it easier and quicker for our skin to absorb. Serums also have more powerful, active ingredients and at a much higher concentration than your average moisturiser thus providing very targeted and effective treatment to your specific concern. Due to their high concentration, you only need a small amount (a few drops will be more than enough). So now you may be wondering whether you should replace your moisturiser with a serum instead if it’s more concentrated in active ingredients.  The answer is definitely not! A moisturiser in your skincare routine is still essential as it’s richer in nature and with a lot of moisturisers also having the added benefit of SPF which is needed to protect the skin, this is something that you wouldn’t want to skip.

Layering your serums

Have multiple skin concerns that you wish to target? Do you suffer from both fine lines and wrinkles and dehydrated skin? Then good news, you can also layer your serums to provide multiple skin benefits in just one application. To determine what order you wish to place your serum on, start with the serum that targets your main concern first and then layer in order of priority. Allow roughly 30 seconds between each serum application to allow ingredients to soak in.

And there you have it, your own highly targeted facial treatment. Discover our range of serums here:


Snake Serum O2

Our line-freezing snake serum O2 is the perfect antidote for providing targeted treatment to fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, laughter lines and frown lines. The fast acting oxygen carrier, Filflow BTX, helps to enhance a youthful complexion through cell respiration. Our unique Syn ®-Ake dipeptide contained within the formula also has a wrinkle-freezing effect as it mimics the effect of the Temple Viper Venom, reducing muscle contractions. The addition of Gransil also works to blur the appearance of fine lines and imperfections so that your skin looks beautifully smooth and refreshed.


Bee Venom Super Serum

Bee Venom Super Serum | Rodial


Our potent bee venom super serum is our iconic anti-ageing treatment. Containing real bee venom, this plumps the skin which helps to fill out the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This bee venom then works in conjunction with Bio Marine Collagen 6 which restructures and increases skin’s elasticity. You’ll be left with skin that looks rejuvenated with deep lines and wrinkles reduced.


Super Acids Sleep Serum

Super Acids Sleep Serum

If your key concerns are enlarged pores, scarring and pigmentation then the Super Acids Sleep Serum is perfect for you. It is a lightweight pore refining serum with an instant cooling and calming effect on the skin. As you sleep the serum will continue to gently resurface the skin and will strengthen the immune system of the skin cells. Containing a powerful mix of ingredients such as Azelaic Acid that acts as a gentle anti-bacterial acid to help clear blemishes and brighten the complexion and unique Biotylis, a probiotic complex that improves overall skin health and protects the complexion, this serum is particularly suited for normal to oily/ combination skin types.


Dragon’s Blood Advanced XXL Sculpting Serum

Rodial Dragonís Blood Advanced XXL Sculpting Serum

This triple potency serum infuses the skin with intense doses of our unique Dragon’s Blood complex which soothes and protects the skin and offers the most advanced skin lifting and sculpting results. Helping to regain skin’s youthful ‘bounce’ the formula works to provide extreme wrinkle plumping effects to minimise their appearance and helps improve skin elasticity so facial contours appear more refined and lifted. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this triple potency serum is combined with Dermapep and HemaTite to oxygenate, firm, moisturise and re-densify the skin for reduced wrinkle appearance and improved skin elasticity.


Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Serum

Instantly lift and even skin tone with real diamond powder with this luxurious treat for the skin. A powerful cocktail of age-defying enzymes and proteins elevate the appearance of facial contours for a visible lift to help tackle sagging skin. Vitamin C and Chromabright technology help even skin tone and brighten the complexion. Diamond powder reflects light to give the complexion a soft, natural glow. Skin is visibly firmer, tighter and pigmentation reduced. Welcome a brighter complexion which will give you a soft-focus glow to the skin.

Now you have the break-down on what each product is targeted to, you can decide which serum is right for you here.


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