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Discover New Rose Gold Collection & How To: Face Sculpting Tool

Introducing our new Rose Gold Collection, consisting of a hi-tech and luxurious Rose Gold Serum, Rose Gold Deep Line Filler and a Rose Gold Moisturiser with a Face Sculpting Tool. The collection epitomises luxury, enriched with 24 Carat Gold technology and White Rose cells for both immediate and long-term reshaping and rejuvenating skin benefits. These products are must-haves for effective anti-aging as well as visibly lifted, radiant and plump skin.

Accompanying our Rose Gold Moisturiser is a Face Sculpting Tool which has been designed to mimic the action of a facial treatment, resulting in visibly radiant and nourished skin with a youthful glowing lift. To achieve the ultimate Rose Gold facial the applicator should be used in five simple steps.


Starting at the base of the brow, massage in an upwards and outwards action over the forehead area, ending at the hairline which will help boost collagen production.

Beginning at the bridge of the nose, gently massage the applicator down and upwards, following the orbital area around the eye and ending at the temple.


Applying the applicator in the middle of the face at the side of the nose, sculpt down and upwards, following the cheek line area, paying special attention to the area underneath the cheekbone.


Holding the applicator on the bottom of the chin area, massage upwards along the jawline, ending at the base of the neck in firm sweeping movements.


Applying light pressure at the top of the décolleté, glide the applicator slowly upwards over the neck towards the chin, pushing outwards towards the edge of the jawline at the top.



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