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With the promise of a brighter and fresher and complexion, it’s easy to see why Vitamin C is the beauty industry’s latest buzzword and fast becoming the must-have ingredient for your skincare regime. Plus, with the coldest season of the year not showing any signs of improving, it’s time to (literally) banish winter dullness with the help of this powerful multi-beneficial ingredient.

Dermatologists believe Vitamin C to be the most powerful and effective Vitamin for overall skin health – but if that still isn’t enough to convince you, here are five other benefits that will spark some savvy skincare shopping...

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The power ingredient is clinically proven to treat and fade areas of discolouration and sun damage.

An anti-oxidant

Vit C will help protect the skin and fight against free-radical damage.

Collagen boosting

Without the presence of Vitamin C (which our body doesn’t produce itself), we’re unable to create the collagen we need, and collagen is essential to keep the skin youthful – so including the vitamin in your skincare regime is very important.


Suffering with redness? Vit C will help calm and soothe for a more even skin-tone.

Sun protecting

When combined with an SPF, Vitamin C can help boost your sunscreen and create a stronger barrier against UVA and UVB rays.

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