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Why sheet masks are our go-to

Sheet masks work to deliver ingredients to deeper layers of the skin. This works with the bio cellulose material locking ingredients into the skin. One of the great benefits of sheet masks is that they are quick and convenient, if you are someone who doesn’t want the fuss of regularly applying masks then sheets masks are your new best friends. Don’t disregard your formula masks just yet though! Traditional formula masks will be able to multi-task more than a sheet mask. For example, a sheet mask will normally have a one key function such a brightening, illuminating or hydrating whereas traditional masks can work a little harder due to their different texture. Where sheet masks come out on top is they have the ability to target key ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.

@MrsRodial Tip:
“I travel all the time so I like to take sheet masks on the plane with me. I am obsessed with the Rodial DRAGON'S BLOOD EYE MASKS, they plump and hydrate the eye area giving the illusion of a full 8 hours sleep. Before any big event I always use a sheet mask to prep my skin. I am obsessed with the Rodial PINK DIAMOND LIFTING MASK as it is unbelievably illuminating and contains Diamond Powder for glowy, beautiful skin.”


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Sunday masking sessions don't and won't get any better than this. #Rodial

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