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The hero product you need in your routine

Retinol is an incredible ingredient for targeting anti-ageing, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles over time with consistent use. Our RETINOL BOOSTER DROP is a great way to incorporate it into your existing skincare regime. You add a few drops of the Booster Drop to your day/night cream or even mask for an injection of retinol. Alternatively you can apply the product directly to you skin.

Although retinol is a great ingredient, it isn’t the most soothing to your skin. When you first start using retinol you will find that your skin will get dry and in some cases break out. Give this time to work as your skin gets used to retinol and the positive results can start to show.

Retinol is used in varying percentages within skincare, and not all products will benefit from high levels of retinol. For example, our Retinol Booster Drop contains a high level of retinol as it is a specific, targeted product. Whereas our new PINK DIAMOND MAGIC GEL NIGHT is perfect for everyday use as it contains a low level of retinol, and therefore much more gentle.

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