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How To Apply Highlighter

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It’s the season for highlighter — says everyone, every month of the year. It doesn’t take a long scroll through Instagram to see what a little (or lot, whatever takes your fancy) pop of glow can do to your skin. When applied to the correct areas of your face, it’ll instantly brighten your complexion, create an enviable dewy finish, sculpt your cheekbones and diminish the need to triple-up with face filters. But, as with all make-up trends, there are particular do’s and don’ts to follow. Here, we ask celebrity make-up artist Gemma Wheatcroft how to perfect your technique:

When should highlighter be applied?

I always apply highlighter towards the end of the make-up process, after eyes and contouring and just before setting with powder. It adds a finishing touch to your look by enhancing your bone structure, making your eyes and lips pop and adding glossiness to your finished look.


What tool is best to use?

I prefer a short and soft but full bristled brush. The Rodial highlighter brush is perfect as it picks up enough colour to get maximum pay off but is soft enough to buff and blend product into the skin for a flawless application.

A post shared by Rodial (@rodialbeauty) on

What is the best technique for applying highlighter – and where should we be applying it?

In circular buffing motions with a brush to highlight the cheekbones, inner corner of the eyes to open the eye, brow bone to lift the brows, centre of the nose to straighten and narrow, Cupid’s bow to add pout to the lips and collar bone to accentuate the décolleté.

What is the difference between liquid and powder highlighters?

Liquid usually gives more of a high beam glossy finish that can be worn ultra sheer or layered up. Powder highlighter usually gives more of a satin sheen. It can be buffed more naturally into the skin to give a ‘lit from within’ finish. It can also be layered up for a more opaque pearlescent effect.

How do we achieve the Insta-effect highlighter? You know, that super glossy one all over our Discover feeds…

To achieve the Insta effect highlighter you’d need to layer your product. For higher contrast layer a powder highlight over your liquid. It creates a sharper and more intense glow.

What secret highlighting tips can you share with us?

Add a touch of highlighter on top of your smokey eye, just in the middle of your lid. This will add drama and contrast, making your eyes really pop. A tiny touch on one side of the forehead and chin will help keep skin look extra glossy in pictures. Mix liquid highlighter into your body cream to add a super polished gleam to your skin.


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By Unsah Malik

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